3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Repairing or Repacing Your Roof

The condition of your roof is likely one of the last things on your mind until you start to notice some damage or wear. While high quality materials and regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof for years, your roof is not immune to the damage time and weather can cause. Some issues can easily be fixed with a simple repair, but other situations call for an entire roof replacement. Make the process of choosing whether to repair or replace much simpler for yourself by asking yourself these three questions.

How Extensive Is the Damage?

Of course, you want to avoid the cost and effort associated with replacing a roof, but it may be in your best interest to do so if your roof has experienced extensive damage due to a storm or the aging process. If water damage is a concern or a large number of the shingles are in need of replacement, you will want to replace your roof as soon as possible. Trying to patch up the damage or waiting too long to replace your roof will only lead to worse problems in the long run. Do your future self a favor and invest in a new roof before the costs add up.

How Much Longer Will Your Roof Last?

Depending on the material you roof is made from, your roof can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. If you are considering spending money to repair your roof, you will want to consider how old your roof is and how much longer it is expected to last. If your roof is getting close to the end of its life expectancy, you will save more money overall by just replacing your roof.

Are You Planning to Sell Your Home?

If you are you planning to sell your home in the near future, a roof replacement is a great investment. A new roof adds a lot to your home’s resale value and makes a great impression on potential buyers. In contrast, on old roof with obvious patch-up work may make buyers think your home is need of a lot of other renovations. Repairing your roof and replacing individual shingles on your roof can also take away from the appearance of your home.

Before jumping straight into replacing or repairing your roof, run through these questions for help figuring out which option is best for your needs.