Residential Home Inspections

Since 2005 PRECISE Inspections have been providing quality home inspection and accurate radon testing services to the locals of the Tennessee Valley and surrounding areas. We are passionate in our work, and our professionals have been trained by the experts to provide our valued customers with home inspections that surpass that of any of our competitors. Home inspections are highly beneficial in a number of circumstances, and having a reputable company, like PRECISE Inspections perform a home inspection carries a lot of weight.

Home Buyer Inspections
As with any investment, you want to make a good choice. Buying a home isn’t an easy feat. Where the home may be ideal with features and accommodations aplenty, it would be miserable to buy the perfect home to only find it was riddled with less than obvious defects that are expensive to repair to say the least. When you hire PRECISE Inspections, our certified specialists conduct a thorough and detailed inspection and present you with an in depth report of any findings.

Detailed Home Inspection Checklist & Detailed Reports
A home inspection entails more than flickering on the lights and ensuring the toilets flush appropriately. PRECISE Inspections professionals look into so much more. We have listed a handful of areas that comprises a home to better give you an idea of the close up inspection we provide. They are, but not limited to the following:

Grounds & Drainage Inspection: Proper grading drainage away from the house, evidence of standing water, no leaks from septic tank or leach field, yard or landscaping inspection, safety hazards above the roof; i.e. tree branches, exterior buildings and structures; i.e. sheds, garages and fences durability as well as visually inspecting evidence of termites or wood rot, deck and stairs, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and downspout drainage directed away from the house. PRECISE Inspections cover the function and strength of the ground aspects and look for any damage or improper functions.

Structural Inspection: PRECISE Inspections team members inspect structure components for weakness or threatening damage or deterioration. We check that fascia and ridge boards lines are in proper alignment and check the house’s sides for any appearing bowing or sagging. Window and door frames are checked for imperfections and a visible inspection of structure to look for any signs of detrimental cracking and properly alignment is performed. Rooftops are also thoroughly gone over to ensure there is no damage or faulty materials.

Exterior Inspection: Surfaces on the building’s exterior are inspected from top to bottom by our proficient professionals. PRECISE Inspections carefully audits the exterior surfaces, taking note of the following; clearance between siding materials and the ground, siding condition, masonry veneers or stucco exteriors are intact, vegetation interference; i.e. vines growing into the exterior, exterior paint defects, and search for stains or molds.

Utilities Inspection: Electrical wiring is carefully inspected for each outlet, light switch, appliance and anywhere that services electricity to ensure there is no bad wiring or safety hazards. Plumbing is also checked through sinks, toilets, and appliances throughout the home. Light fixtures, ceiling fans and plumbing fixtures are inspected.|

Interior Inspection: Floors are inspected for leveling concerns, along with materials condition; i.e. carpet, tile and grout, and hardwood. Walls and ceilings are inspected for any issues, HVAC system is checked, paint or wallpaper condition, insulation, appliances, cabinetry, drawers, exhaust fans, staircases and handrails, adequate caulking in necessary areas, weather stripping if needed, sinks, tubs, showers and toilets in functioning order, water pressure, rust issues, stains, visual signs of mold and so much more.

Home Inspection Services by Licensed Home Inspectors
Books can be written about the detailed inspection and performance checks PRECISE Inspections professionals execute when conducting a home inspection service. Needless to say, you will be properly informed about minor and major issues the home of your dreams may possess. When you think you found the home in good ole Tennessee that is right for you, call PRECISE Inspections to schedule a home inspection before you sign on the dotted line.