Preventive Maintenance Home and Commercial Building Property Inspections

Since 2005, PRECISE Inspections has been servicing residential homes and commercial businesses with a range of property inspection services throughout the Tennessee Valley and Northwest Georgia areas. We are fully licensed, certified and insured to execute authentic professional inspections and detailed comprehensive reports on our findings. Our inspections are beneficial to homeowners, commercial business owners, along with both buyers and sellers. We ensure unbiased inspections while applying high moral standards, friendly customer service, and in-depth inspections to ensure our valued customers are positively impacted by our experience.

Detecting Fire Hazards, Worn Plumbing & Other Problem Areas Before Emergencies Arise

PRECISE Inspections services are not only needed when buying or selling your home but are an excellent source to homeowners interested in preventative maintenance. This service is especially useful for homeowners that have older homes or homes that recently endured heavy remodels or renovations. PRECISE Inspections can apply our preventative maintenance inspection and relate to homeowners about potentially updating utility services, plumbing and electricity. Avoiding burst pipes that cause extensive and costly damages or preventing electrical fires with simple replacements can all be as a result of a preventative maintenance inspection performed by a PRECISE Inspections expert. On the lesser end, PRECISE Home Inspectors can determine if attic vents, or window trims need replacing in an effort to save you money down the road.

Home & Commercial Building Property Preventive Maintenance Inspection Checklist

With our preventative maintenance service from PRECISE Inspections, our professionals are thorough detailed, and go from roof to bottom on the exterior, checking for roof infractions, wall structure, foundation, and service to room, appliances, service utilities, structure, windows, fixtures, cabinets, cupboards utilities on the exterior. Interior home inspections from top the bottom are performed. Room, drawers, floor material durability, and so much more are all vigorously inspected. To help prevent serious mishaps from inflicting your home, PRECISE Home Inspection has compiled a homeowner maintenance list you can do to preserve the durability and efficiency of your home in Tennessee Valley and Northwest Georgia areas.

Spring and Summer Maintenance Tips for Homes & Business Properties

Below are some helpful spring and summer seasonal maintenance tips to contribute to avoiding major repairs and replacements.

Exterior Home Maintenance:

• Inspect the caulking of the windows, stucco, and trim; repair if needed.
• Check paint on siding, trim, and doors.
• Clean and remove debris from gutters.
• Examine roof for loose, cracked, or missing shingles or tiles. Repair as necessary
• Landscape maintenance; trim trees and shrubs away from home and do not neglect the roof.

Interior Home Maintenance:

• Inspect window caulking and weather stripping and repair if any caulking or replace weather stripping.
• Don’t forget to close the chimney damper to keep cool air conditioning inside your home.
• Clean and if needed wax or oil the cabinets to protect the finish.
• Inspect and repair or replace if the weather stripping on exterior doors and windows are in need.
• Go through and check the tile and grout; clean, seal or replace as needed.
• Check the window locks for proper function and repair as needed
• Have a professional perform maintenance on your garage doors.
• Clean dryer vent duct and damper to remove any lint and obstructions.
• Invest in a professional HVAC specialist to perform a maintenance service.
• Replace or clean HVAC filters.

Fall and Winter Maintenance Tips for Home & Business Owners & Managers
Exterior Building Maintenance:

• Clean and remove debris from gutters.
• Ensure there are no outside faucets and hoses for leaks, fix if any are discovered.
• Invest in an HVAC specialist to perform maintenance service.

Interior Building Maintenance:

• Check the caulking in sinks, tubs, showers, thresholds, walls, windows, and other interior areas and repair as needed.
• Clean and wax all kitchen and bath cabinets and paneling.
• Invest in a professional carpet cleaning for the carpet and rug areas in your home.

Preventive Maintenance Home & Commercial Building Property Inspections in Dalton, Calhoun & North West Georgia | Signal Mountain, Chattanooga & the Tennessee Valley TN
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