If you constantly feel overwhelmed and disorganized, it may be time to tackle the clutter in your home. Free up those countertops and organize your kitchen in such a way that lets you work smarter, not harder, with these two easy-to-implement home organization tips.

Put up Pretty Pegboards

Using pegboards to hold your crafting supplies and other small items is an efficient and versatile way to get your knick-knacks off the countertops without squirreling them away in a drawer. Use shelves for the larger items and rods to hold baskets and buckets for smaller supplies, such as pens, knitting needles, ribbon and more.

Corral Those Canned Goods

A food can organizer can save you hassle and money. With a food can organizer, all your canned goods are front and center, meaning you’ll never again buy excess goods because you’re unsure of what you have in your pantry.