Condo & Apartment Inspections

Throughout the Tennessee Valley and Northwest Georgia areas, PRECISE Home Inspection professional home inspectors has been providing both sellers and buyers of residential homes and commercial businesses with unbiased and comprehensive building inspections with thorough and meticulous audits over the entire building’s exterior, interior; top to bottom, along with all the ins and outs. PRECISE Inspections have been masterfully trained, and have accumulated years of experience to be the leading experts in the industry. Among our commercial business and residential home’s inspection, we include condo and apartment inspections as well.

Buyer & Seller Condominium & Apartment Inspections
For quite a few folks in the Tennessee Valley and Northwest Georgia areas, owning a condo or apartment is a dream come true, but before investing in that perfect, yet humble home, you need PRECISE Inspections to perform our condo and apartment inspection service. Condos and apartments are just as easily susceptible to underlining troubles and before you lay down the cash, you want to make sure it is worth its salt.

Common Condo & Apartment Problems Found During Inspections
Apartments are not typically well funded for major repairs, and often the apartment owners split costs to roof repairs for example. Having PRECISE Inspections perform an apartment inspection can help you better determine whether or not it is worth your investment. Common apartment and condo issues are as follows, but keep in mind, these are just a few examples of the more common issues found, there are additional problems apartments could be facing, and with a PRECISE Home Inspection apartment inspection service, you will have a comprehensive report of our findings.
– Water infiltration from the exterior. Moisture seeping through the roof, terrace, and window is very common and the lower level apartments and condos are often impacted the most due to poor drainage. Terraces are primarily inspected to ensure they were properly pitched.
– Plumbing leaks. Utilizing equipment, and visual inspections, PRECISE Home Inspection professionals check to if any water lines are leaking, including; sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and appliances.
– Windows are not fully operational. As silly as it sounds, often windows in apartments refuse to stay open on their own. All windows are inspected completely to see if they are fully functional, along with weather stripping window frames, sills and glass.
– Electric wiring defects. Apartments and condos aren’t the only victims to be faced with wiring problems, but it happens regularly. All wiring to every outlet, light switch, appliance and everything in between is methodically checked for efficiency.
– HVAC systems. In older buildings the HVAC System has a tendency to be a problem, but regardless of the age of the building, we inspect for HVAC efficiency.
– Flooring damage. Floor surfaces are often improperly installed or are suffering from damage. PRECISE Home Inspection inspects the floor carefully to determine any defects.
– Appliance installation is not done correctly. Appliances are not properly anchored, if they are not anchored properly they will shake and rattle, and eventually cause damage.

Apartment & Condo Inspections in Dalton & Calhoun, Georgia | Signal Mountain, Chattanooga & The Tennessee Valley, TN
With additional problems that could be facing your apartment or condo, it is ideal to have PRECISE Inspections perform our apartment or condo inspection service. If minimal to no issues are found, it is nice to have peace of mind you won’t be facing any major catastrophes in the near future. Call us today to schedule your appointment!