Commercial Property & Home Seller Inspections

Residential and Commercial Property Inspections for Sellers

Commercial Property & Home Seller Inspections can be an asset to both you and your realtor by helping to attract the right buyers and close the sale quickly. A seller inspection is very similar to a buyer inspection and can provide many benefits. Our knowledgeable residential and commercial property inspectors will identify areas that require attention. We have the experience to identify problems that other inspectors might look over, protecting you from future loss and liability.

Be the First to Receive and Review Your Seller Inspection Report
As the seller of the property, you and your agent will be informed about safety issues and repairs before the buyers and their agents. Any issues can be taken care of and resolved, as well as giving you the luxury of receiving several estimates and be aware of your costs before you negotiable price and repair costs with your buyer. By taking care of any potential issues on the front end, you can also ensure that your property will show better which in today’s competitive market is extremely important.

Provide an Additional Selling Feature to Help Your Home or Commercial Property Sell Quickly
Your seller inspection report is an important marketing tool that can be used to help your home or business sell faster, but also sell for top market price. Once your inspection has been completed you can move forward with your agent and the buyer and their agents to complete your sale. It is a common practice for the buyer to waive the right to have their own inspection if a reputable and qualified third party has inspected the premises first.

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