Are Marble Countertops for You

Year after year, marble is named as one of the most desired countertop materials. When you consider the classic, timeless look of marble, it’s really no surprise. Marble countertops that are properly installed and well-maintained are capable of making just about any kitchen look sleek and sophisticated. Marble can be more affordable than you think, and it can be tempting to have your kitchen countertops replaced with an attractive new slab of marble as soon as possible.

However, even if you enjoy the appearance of marble, it might not be the best countertop material for you and your lifestyle. Here are some maintenance considerations.

Marble Is High-Maintenance and Porous

You won’t need to devote hours each day to caring for your marble countertops, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t need to put in some work. Marble is more vulnerable to staining agents than many other materials. If you spill a liquid like juice, wine, or oil, it will quickly seep into the porous stone. Damage like this can be a pain to reverse after it has occurred—and some stains never truly go away.

When you install your marble countertops, make sure to have them professionally sealed. It’s also important to recognize that sealing your marble countertops isn’t a one-time job. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking or spends a lot of time in your kitchen, you’ll need to replace the sealant every six months.

Scratches Happen

Since marble is a softer stone than other countertop staples like granite, it’s also more vulnerable to scratches. Even if you’re just leaning up against the counter while wearing a belt, this could lead to your marble countertop becoming scratched. If marble is exposed to lemon juice, harsh cleaners, or other kinds of acid, the sealant or polish can be stripped away. Scratching and etching can become even more severe.

Marble Is Heat-Resistant, but It Could Become Burnt or Discolored

Even if you’re baking on a hot summer day, you don’t need to worry about your marble countertops becoming hot to the touch. Marble is a heat-resistant material, making it a fantastic option if your countertops are regularly exposed to high temperatures. Still, it’s never a wise idea to put a piping hot pan directly onto marble. If you forget to use a potholder, your countertop could become burnt or discolored.

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