3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage

The garage often becomes a neglected space full of extra items from the house and cluttered with toys and tools. Often parking in the garage takes a backseat to the excess and disorganization of the space. Whether you have a single, double or triple, take back your garage with a few easy tips.

Store Together Like Items

Storing items together that are similar in use or nature can save you time and money. For one thing, you won’t be searching high and low for that one screwdriver you need. Another benefit is you know exactly what you have and don’t have. Not buying items you already own saves you both money and time. Place a label on any boxes and bins stored in your garage so you know exactly what they contain. Like items can then be placed where they belong instead of randomly set down.

Toss Out and Give Away the Excess

Some of the items tossed in the garage are better suited for the trash or recycling bins. Broken tools, worn out toys and actual trash often litter the floors and boxes in a garage. Clearing out the trash eases up space and makes sorting through the good stuff easier. Another way to get rid of some of the excess in your garage is to donate items you no longer use but are still in good shape. Or have a garage sale and use any money made to purchase garage storage items.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Whether you place some cabinets, hooks or both, walls offer an easy way to access and store tools, toys and equipment. Cabinets hung on the wall can store items such as spray paints, oils and shop towels. Hooks placed on the wall let you store some of your tools within easy reach. Open shelves easily store labeled boxes and bins where they are easy to access. A tool chest pushed against the wall makes it easy to access without cluttering the floor.

Organizing your garage doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, once you spend a little time organizing the space, you can resume parking your car in there, creating a workshop and finding all your stored items with ease.